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SIGMA AUTOMATION – Established in 1995 involved in design, manufacturing and marketing of Process Control Instruments & Control Systems. The name ‘SIGMA AUTOMATION’ is synonymous with Versatility, Technical Competence, Quality, Adaptability and enjoys the highest degree of trust from wide range of esteemed customers. Presently ‘Sigma Automation’ has carved out a ‘niche’ in the field of Electronic Process Control Automation. Termed as’Market Leader’ Sigma Automation is the most sought after concern in the process control field. Sigma Automation enjoys the pride of being a successful partner of various Customers in India & Abroad, in the field of Process Control Automation in the past and in the present pursuit. The Inherent Strength of Sigma Automation would be binding force for new associates in their endeavor towards success.

Product Range:

Temperature Controllers / Temperature Indicators, Temperature Control System, Differential Controllers, Process Indicator, Process Controller, Pressure Controller, Solid State Relays, Thermocouples, Pressure Transducer, Transmitter, Interface Converters, Isolated Transmitters, Thyristor Module, mV Source, mA Source, Logic Controllers, Data loggers, Scanners, Data Acquisition System, Control Panel for Industrial Automation, Special Purpose Equipment, PLC based System.

Competitive Edge:

We at ‘Sigma Automation’ are abreast with latest technology & have highly motivated personnel with built in innovative strength & customer oriented approach to ensure that the system requirements are met fully to the satisfaction of customer, This is ensured by adapting ‘State of art technology for cost effective solution’, ‘Enhanced in-house capability for integrating system with necessary peripherals’ & wide range of products for wide application range to cater to all types of industries.


We at ‘Sigma Automation’ are specialized in making customized equipment to meet System Requirement to provide total solution with system integration, installation and commissioning in the Field of Automotive Test Equipment Industry, Food Processing Industry, Tea Industry, Chemical Processing Industry, Plastic Extrusion, Solar Industry & all other fields related to Process Control Automation.

Product Brand Names:

1) Sigma Automation
2) Sigma


We at ‘Sigma Automation’ procure components of reputed make and have built in quality check to ensure that process quality is to the highest degree and hence results in the final product. Our systems are user-friendly in addition to being rugged has best aesthetics. Our products are designed for working in hostile environment with trouble free service and enhanced long life. Our elaborated test eliminates infant mortality, field failure & has built in damage protection.

OEM Services:

We at ‘Sigma Automation’ have many OEM Customers in the field of Automotive Test Equipment, Food Processing Equipment, Plastic Extrusion, and Chemical Processing & Lab Testing Equipments. Most of the products supplied to them are custom built, designed & manufactured by us to meet their system requirements.